CISCO has a history of over100 years after establishment since 1919, therefore we can offer high qualified, safe and secure products.
Our pharmaceutical plants are all PICS-certified and manufacture over 210 medical items in Japan.
There are many transactions with major pharmaceutical manufacturers and drug stores here in Japan.


Three No.1

OTC suppository (PB) production volume ”Japan’s No.1”
”Japan’s No.1” production volume of women’s rough skin improvement drinks (PB)
Drink agent shrink wrapping machine speed ”Japan’s No.1”


Our pharmaceuticals will make you happy!

Company Name
Chugai Iyaku Seisan Co., Ltd.
Phone Number
0595-21-0120 (81-595-21-0120)
5-5, Yumegaoka 7-Chome, Iga City, Mie Prefecture, 518-0131, Japan
Number of employees
Industry Sector
Production and sales of OTC drugs and quasi-drugs
Oral liquid drugs, External preparations, Tablets, Ointments, Suppositories, Skin Disinfectant
Main Customer
Kowa, Asahi Group Foods, ALBION, OHKI PHARMACEUTICAL, ONO PHARMACEUTICAL, Kracie Pharma, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, Sato Pharmaceutical, Sun Pharma Japan, Taiko Pharmaceutical, Takata Seiyaku, Teva Takeda Pharma, Choseido Pharmaceutical, Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical, Nipro Corporation, NIHON GENERIC, Biofermin Pharmaceutical, Hiya Pharmaceutical, Fukuchi Pharmaceutical, FUJIYAKUHIN, Ryukakusan, ROHTO Pharmaceutical, Yakuhan Pharmaceutical
Major Drug stores (such as Amazon, Amano Commercial Fim, Aeon Group, Kawachi Pharmaceutical, Kirindo, Genky, Cosmos, Sundrug, CHUBU YAKUHIN, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, etc.,)